What does it really mean to live a happy life?4 min read

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Happiness, Philosophy

Here’s the GT’s Formula for Happiness

“(Heart + Motivation + Inspiration + Action)(Personal Legend) = Happy Life”

I feel great now, right at this moment, this second,

not because of any materialistic gains,

nor is it due to any specific event.

Any material or intellectual objects I have are merely tools to the life that I have manifested for myself.

If I don’t use these objects to advance at least one step every day towards my personal legend, I would never be able to feel as content as I am now. I feel total presence and calmness. I am fully aware of the physical sensation I have in every individual cell in my body.

It used to be, but it is no longer strange to me anymore, for whatever I feel or experience.

It takes willpower to take the first step without fully knowing what lies ahead of the next step.

It takes motivation to do whatever one sets out to do.

And it takes courage to express one’s heart truthfully albeit facing the fear of judgment and criticisms from others, especially from the loved and the beloved.

No one cares about what you actually do in your life.

Every one of us, including the saints are thinking about themselves 99.99% of the time.

Be it you save lives with your extraordinary surgical skills and vast medical knowledge;

Be it you put smiles and laughter on others’ faces with your sunny warm smile;

Be it you code the best software or phone apps to improve the technological generation’s daily life experience with your unbeatable logic and memory power;

Be it you create the next medicine to cure incurable disease with thousands of tedious hours in your under-budgeted laboratory;

Be it you make peace and humanity possible with your shrewd political and public speaking skills;

Be it you educate the engineers of the future to come with your highly creative teaching methods;

The most inspiring stories are not confined to what you do exactly on the daily basis, but doing what your heart truly wants.

People are inspired by witnessing the actions you take are directing towards your personal legend, even while you are still stumbling on your path.

The key to happiness is to take actions every day towards manifesting lifestyle that you truly want to live.

This is what it takes to be authentic.

This is what it takes to be happy.

This is what it means to be alive.

this way

Everyone has their own path.

And every path has its unique challenges and rewards.

Observe well with your God-given eyes.

Listen carefully with your God-given ears.

Think wisely with your god given brain.

So that most of your actions will direct towards what you truly want – your Personal Legend.

Be mindful of your thoughts, your reactions, your feelings and the things that you say to yourself out loud.

They will guide you to reach the pinnacle of your vision.

The vision that you have imagined for yourself, with personalized surprises and detours.

Start taking action now before you regret lying on your death-bed, six feet underground.

Every single baby steps matters, even if it’s just spending a few minutes thinking about what you really want.

May all of you be happy, be merry and be ALIVE ~!

Good morning November 16

Let’s get it on with our exciting, marvelous and phenomenal self-designed lifestyle together.

Your future is yours’ to write.

Share in the comment box below to share what actions are you going to take to manifest your happy life.

~ From the heart of Guan Tyng